Lifestyle sessions are $995. This includes 2 hours of shooting in home and/or on location and all of the high resolution edited images from our shoot on disc with print release. Travel rates may apply.

Photo books start at $300. 

Please email me for current wedding rates, 

What are life sessions like?

I hate being photographed. I know that sounds weird coming from a photographer, but I get nervous and awkward and am terribly judgmental when looking at photos of myself. That said, I understand when people are uncomfortable at the start of shoots. I empathize. And I do my best to make you feel as comfortable as possible. This may involve asking you to do outrageous things, like shake your head back and forth to get the jitters out, at which point you’ll giggle, think I’m crazy, and I’ll snap away. I shoot the before and after and the in-between, all in search of real, genuine, and honest moments. 

Life sessions are just that: Capturing life. Life is messy and not everything is posed. 

A sample session: We meet at the beach and chat about how we wish the weather were a little warmer, the wind a little calmer, because we’re in California and Californians complain about the weather with a grand sense of entitlement. You bring your daughter down to the water. I follow behind and snap a few pictures—her hand in yours, the water glistening in the background, just slightly out of focus. As you get closer to the water, she starts running toward it and as her feet kick up the sand, I snap away. You head back to your towels and I notice the way the light hits your face as you hold your child in your arms and I ask you to stop. I snap away. I ask you to sit by your husband and ignore your children while they play around you. I ask your husband what it is he loves about you and when beautiful words flow from his mouth, you blush and I snap away.

It’s about real moments of life—especially the in-between moments, the moments otherwise forgotten. It’s real, it’s pure, it’s raw. And it’s my privilege to get a glimpse and to save that glimpse on film for you.

Basically, I’m the fly on your wall.

Are we a good fit?

Think photography is all about the equipment? Think again. My photography is more than just the camera and lenses I have. They’re paid for already. What you’re paying for you cannot buy in a store. You’re paying for my eye, my style, my perspective. You’re paying for the way I frame a picture, the moments I choose to capture. If you’re of the mindset that your friend who just bought a snazzy camera can do an equivalent job, by all means, ask her to take your photos instead.

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